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Why Us?
  • We are YOUR Search Engine Optimization!
  • We Provide ALL the Technical Expertise You Need
  • Low Start Up Expense
  • Professionally Built and Preloaded with Products for You to Sell
  • We Drop Ship Your Orders For You
  • Inventory, Price & Images Updated Automatically
What it Costs
  • $2000 To Set-Up
  • $0 per Month for SEO, CMS and Technical Management
  • Charges for Payment Gateway and Merchant Account for collecting online payment (this is paid directly to 3rd party by you).

    Some options are:
  • Cancel anytime
What is Included
  • Ecomerce Hosting
  • Website Address
  • Professional Templates
  • Professionaly Photographed products
  • CMS to Manage site
  • Click and Buy Video capability

About Us


StellarZingTM is a concept that was created by Sheila Masterson, a jewelry designer.

For the past 9 years I have been traveling 10 months out of the year to markets and shows across the US. searching for retail and wholesale clients to buy my jewelry. This method of sales and distribution does work, but with a lot of time and expense. I have racked up loads of frequent flier miles, hotel credits, show expenses and I have wasted weeks in travel preparations. After much thought about what would be successful and helpful to both sides design/production and then sales/distribution, a new online community ecommerce website system business model emerged.

Instead of traveling to shows and markets, I decided to build a community type ecommerce website system to give a platform for various designers to sell their items through as many retailers as possible and by allowing retailers to easily create their own subsites to access the designers’ goods. I developed a showroom/ marketplace called StellarZing.com. Designers upload their merchandise (at a wholesale cost) for free exposure on StellarZingTM website making it a designer online warehouse. They pay 15% commission to Stellarzing on their wholesale price when their products sell and are responsible for shipping the product to the subsite’s retail customers. What makes the StellarZingTM website different from other internet showrooms is the sales distribution network. StellarZingTM also sells subsites which are a chain of online independently owned retail stores. These online retail stores can be owned by independent persons or by existing retail companies. Subsites have their own unique identity, web address, and/or logo. Subsite (retail owners) are instant winners because there is no shipping, no investment in inventory to tie up cash flow, nor the expense and time of inventory management!  Your website provides access to new products and an instant online accessory retail store to increase existing sales or to link to an existing website. We even thought about the latest video trend as a selling tool and have included an embedded video player. The subsite package includes watch n buy proprietary software linked to a library of videos. Not only do the online retailers have access to existing videos, but are also able to create their own video to upload and further brand/market their local store if they have a physical location or promote their online brand.

StellarZingTM is developing a paradigm shift for online business.

We want to help online retail subsite owners have more merchandise to choose from. Imagine selling a sizzling selection of unique designer merchandise without investing in heavy inventory! StellarZing becomes your warehouse! You can be your own boss and have shoppers visit and make purchases while you are on vacation! We are constantly looking for new designers and new merchandise from around the world. I’ve trekked to China and India on several occasions to establish relationships with manufacturers and I plan to travel to other countries in search of more sources. No need to travel, unless you want to join us.

Just register as a designer or subsite owner to get started! There are no minimums. You decide how much you want to work!


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